& so here it is.

I want to extend a huge & completely sincere thank you to everyone who sent me suggestions, assignments, missions & tasks. In the end, I would up with 44 different projects – more than I actually needed, but which allowed me to gather a truly broad, truly random wealth of ideas from a solid mix of people.

Before I tell you what I’m going to be doing, a few things:

How I Did/Am Doing This, Part 1:

Project ideas were solicited through a number of obnoxious, nagging emails I sent out to friends, family, coworkers, & a slew of other people whose opinions I hold in high regard. I also talked about the project nonstop for about three weeks & was, to my great amazement, never actually stopped from doing so. I understand now that I am tuned out in group conversations. I numbered suggestions 1-44, based on the order in which they were received, then shuffled these numbers in a random sequence generator, selecting only the first 24 numbers. These 24 were then assigned in groups of 2 to the next 12 months, beginning with today, my 24th birthday, May 22nd.

Why Am I Doing This?

I am constantly forgetting to finish everything I start. I talk the talk, but take naps when I should be walking the walk. By informing a slew of people that I am beginning this new project & then inviting them to not only watch but become directly involved as well, I am hoping that I will teach myself to carry out my ideas. That, or take a crash course in public humiliation.

So How I Did/Am Doing This, Part 2:

I will commence two of the assigned projects per month, starting on the 22nd of each month. I say “commence” rather than “complete” because I realize that there are some projects which will not fit into a one-month time bracket (learning a new skill, for example, or a class which takes more than the allotted period). Such elements require a little wiggle room. With this in mind, however, two new projects must be started on the 22nd of each month, regardless of the status of existing assignments. So let’s hope I don’t bury myself.

All this being said, HERE’S MAY!

  1. Do karaoke once a week for a month, and at least one week you have to sing Don’t Stop Believin. It’ll build your confidence and you’ll know the joy that is an entire bar full of people singing Journey. — Larissa Zageris
  2. Learn to ride a motorcycle, which you’ve whined about forever. — Richard F. Calder

hey. it’s my birthday. wish me luck.