& here it is. The post I knew I had to, but didn’t want to write. The flunk, flop, disappointment post.

The failure post.

I don’t know where the first month went – I really don’t. How did an entire month just slip past me? How did I not accomplish all the goals I had set out for myself? How did I seriously get away with creating a public spectacle only one time in an entire thirty days? I’ve spent the last week walking around town being chased by an imaginary robot, arms flailing, screaming over & over “FAILURE! FAILURE GIRL CALDER! FAILURE!” I have spent a good deal of time mulling over possible excuses, though this is not saying too much, as I spend a good deal of time mulling over excuses anyway, just so I have a healthy cache to call upon when times are right (which, in my experience, has been most days, primarily between the hours of 8 & 11 am).

Part of me – a large, domineering, intensely cowardly proud part – wanted to back out, call it quits & put the project on a ‘temporary hiatus’. It’s sort of my go-to in life: screw up? Run away. But then a good friend of mine reminded me that that’s not what I’m doing here. I have to keep on trying, because that’s what this is. It’s life. Well, not real life, but right now, it’s my life. & I’m not going to succeed every time. But I will keep on going. & besides – if there is one thing people love, it’s to watch others fail! Or something like that. So with this in mind, I will keep on pursuing my karaoke & motorcycling endeavors, but also work on JUNE:

  1. For one month, 30 days, each day you must approach a stranger and 1. tell them something awkward about yourself AND 2. ask them an uncomfortable/personal question. And record the results. – Zach Dodson
  2. Write & record your own song. – Rob Brenner

Here goes.