Sunday, July 6

Me: My shoes are a size & a half too big too big for my feet, but I wear them anyway because I like them & they were only ten dollars.
Guy: The boots you’re wearing are a size & a half too big?
Me: What? Oh. No. I mean my sneakers.
Guy: Why are you telling me this?
Me: You seemed like a person I could tell these things to…?
Guy: Uh huh.


Guy: What are you writing? Are you writing this down?
Me: Wait – stop asking me questions. I have to ask you a question.
Guy: You have to ask me a question?
Me: Stop asking me questions, I can’t think.
Guy: Are you ok?
Me: Yeah – wait, is this Stony Island?!
Guy: We just passed it. Is that the question you had to ask?
Me: Ah shit! No, it’s not – ah! That’s my stop! STOP! Ah crap! STOP!
Guy: Take care.