Ayun Halliday, author of East Village Inky, Dirty Sugar Cookies, No Touch Monkey & other matchless works of literary wonder, will be performing with her husband, Greg Kotis & their adorable brood in Greg’s new play, The Truth About Santa, premiering December 4th at The Kraine Theater in Manhattan’s East Village.

Ayun provided me with unexpected grace & kindness when I first moved to New York & fell into what some might call a “total freak out”. Attending this play is probably the closest I’ll ever get to appropriately paying her back, & if you’re in the NYC area I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO AS WELL. The kids are cute, the Santa is evil, & those cookies are real. Could there be a better way to spend a December night in Manhattan? I. THINK. NOT.

Check it out & get yerself some tickets here.