In 1989, I decided that I would have my name changed to Serena as soon as was legally possible, a decision fueled by what was, at the time, a fierce and unshakable love for Dino-Riders. From 1991 to 2007 I vowed to complete all homework assignments as soon as they were received (excepting 1993, when I swore daily that I would love my fourth grade crush, Bernie Brown, forever & ever, always, no matter what, including old age, baldness & inexplicable passions for violent sports). If you graduated with me in 2002 I probably promised you I would totally KIT because you were 2cool24get. In 2006 I swore that I would never, ever, ever again allow my hair to be cut short. & in May of 2008, on my 24th birthday, I swore that I would complete all twenty-four of the tasks I had put myself to in a timely & entertaining matter.

Things have not gone entirely as planned.

As folk are wont to do at the beginning of a new year, I’m taking stock in the year since past. I’ve allowed other endeavors to take priority over my creative projects, & subsequently let 12×2 fall to the wayside over & over. Unwilling to admit defeat & reluctant to hide behind another “catch-up”, I am using this new year to make two resolutions: first, to be a little less hard on myself. Not in a “I am awesome, & I have the right to bone out” sort of way, but in in “I will stop beating myself up when things do not go exactly according to plan” sort of way. Life will continue to get in my way, & I would be smart to learn to work with it rather than feel overwhelmed by its persistence.

My other resolution is, quite simply, to keep my resolutions. Sounds silly, I know, but as time has shown this will be the biggest challenge for me.  & though not all of my forgotten declarations are true losses (Bernie Brown, where are you now?), I think working on my stick-to-it-tiveness for a little bit can’t hurt.

That being said, I am still (yes. still.) reading War & Peace. I’m documenting this assignment by summarizing each of the five books – you can read those here. I’ve also scooted back Sarah Mitchell‘s haiku assignment, starting on January 1st & finishing at the end of this month. Those can be read here. Greg’s Ballad Assignment is still a work in progress, & though I have completed the actual reading of The Gospel (as assigned by Professor Kristin Larson), how to properly document this endeavor is something I’m still thinking over.

Hey. It’s a new year, folks. Things are lookin’ good.