We are immoral by design, and so when we act evilly, we are only revealing our most basic selves, the simplest, most convenient action, to fend for oneself and oneself only. To do right – to act justly, to put the needs of someone else above your own – now that is an act of true mystery. It is completely unnatural – a gigantic step beyond the jungle instincts of man and a leap into the unknown wisdom of silent grace which lurks, harbored in the small vessel of mankind, within us all.

the boy detective fails
Joe Meno

This is one of my favorite passages by one of my favorite authors. I’ve got a huge writer crush on Joe Meno, which might be cute/funny if I didn’t do things like appear at his book readings in both Chicago & New York. He’s publishing another novel soon, which I will read obsessively & probably push onto everyone I meet. Color me excited.