I’m not a songwriter, I’ll put that out there right now. I don’t do poetry, or rhythm, or rhyme, or any of that messy sensitive crap. So I can only beg your understanding & leniency when it comes to my own creation.

I would also like to express that this song, though inspired by specific events, are not about any single person or event. I didn’t want to try being clever here – I figured on leaving that to people who know what there doing. The Bed Song is a mix of very simple, very basic break up tropes, real-life relationship complaints, & one too many go-rounds of The Magnetic Fields. So, without further ado, I give you Assignment #2: The Bed Song.

The Bed Song

I’m keeping my spaghetti pot
& all of those Itunes you bought
when you did nothing but fight with me
on our trip to Italy

you can keep my cards, my photographs
torch them as you slur my epitaph
I used to want to see you cry
but you can keep your tears, I don’t mind.

and please take the bed
take back that bed
I don’t want to roll around in your mess anymore
so please take that bed

no one ever taught you how to give
and you use gay as a pejorative
you hated birthdays, and my friends

and you’ve got fifty ways to leave me
and you’re using every one
and though i’ll be down on the floor
I’m proud to be the one who said we’re done

please take the bed
take back your god damned bed
get it out I’m done and through I can’t stand the sight of you
take back your bed

You may also listen to the song here. You know, if you want.