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It is worth noting that last week I turned 25, passing the one year mark with many of my assignments undone. That is, technically, a failure of this endeavor. I will be continuing this project however, pursuing each of the remaining tasks until all 24 are done. I’ll be writing up a summary of the project after that point. I hope you keep reading, & thank you to everyone who has been so amazingly supportive through out all of this.

3563662141_c572602d32In other news, my birthday was truly awesome, & thank you to everyone who made it so.

(& thank you Lindsey for this excellent photo)




The unparalleled Lindsey Markel is taking the next bold step with her zine YOU ARE AMONG FRIENDS, turning it into an independently published book of a durable (& sharable) quality – & she needs your help.


I cannot support this endeavor enthusiastically enough. Aimed at women 10-30 (& touching the hearts & minds of those of every age) YAAF addresses sexuality, consumerism, religion & age in ways that too many young women have never heard before. YAAF talks to its audience in an honest & needed way, the way that your big sister or best friend maybe never did but god, how you wish she had.

The sooner girls realize that they were made for more than pleasing others, the sooner we shall find ourselves among a generation of women who are actually pleased with themselves. Help YAAF spread the word.

To help Lindsey reach her goal & to learn more about the upcoming edition of YOU ARE AMONG FRIENDS (featuring guest editorials by Gala Darling, Allison Weiss, Jenny Owen Youngs, Jessalyn Wakefield & yours truly, click here.

Download the original audio podcast (for free) at


I love my neighborhood.

I love riding my bike down Western Avenue. It’s like staring Death in the face. Then calling Death a wise guy, poking him in the eyes & pedaling away going “WOOOP! woop woop woop woop woop woop!”