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I’m goin’ to grad school! 

Look out, world. Another kid with a silly MFA is headed your way!


Exciting is opening up an email from one of your favorite galleries & realizing, ‘Oh, hey, I wrote this.’

If you’re going to be in Brooklyn any time this Feb/March, I really recommend hitting this show up, especially on Feb 12th, when Burgerman & Avignon will be doing a live painting performance. You can read more about it here. & here. & here.

Chicago - on Walton at Rush Street

Chicago - on Walton at Rush Street

via Gaper’s Block flickr pool

1. If you’re in or around Chicago tomorrow (that’s Saturday, August 30th), you should head to the Loop & check out Art on Track, a one-time only event in which the one of the El trains will be turned into a fully operational moving art gallery. 

2. For those of you who read regularly, my apologies for the constant changes in design – I’m having some big issues with WordPress & I’m working on getting around them. Thanks for bearing with me. 

3. I just picked up Paul Kivel’s Uprooting Racism, part of Katie Sosin‘s assignment. I love the feeling of a new book all my own. Maybe that’s a selfish, consumerist thing to feel, but I adore it, the possibilities held in so few pages & words, the wonder of a voice being heard.

Newcity Magazine, the weekly alt-mag for which I freelance, just launched its sister site, Newcity Art. They feature solid coverage of the visual arts scene in Chicago, along with artist profiles, images and exhibit recommendations.

Oh – & the Geraldine Ondrizek show? If you’re in or around Chicago, I highly recommend taking a swing by the International Museum of Surgical Science & checking it out. It’s a brilliant merging of personal and political, as well as being just really, really pretty. Also, since it’s housed in the IMSS, you don’t have to worry about losing your macho cachet, because there is a kidney stone the size of a baby’s head right around the corner. So you’ve got two awesome things for the price of one.

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