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What does 2009 hold for you?


Back in college, Hannah Schell was a professor who’s zen-like knowledge could be, at times, a little overwhelming. When I received her assignment (Make an effort to see all creatures as suffering and desiring happiness), I sort of relegated it to the back of my mind & figured I would devote proper time & effort to it when the time came (not unlike how I handled most of Hannah’s class assignments). After toying with a number of ideas, I pressed for further instruction, hoping that maybe she would have something more specific &, well, less contrived than the few possibilities that I’d cooked up.

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As with before, feel free to answer anonymously. That is, if anyone answers at all. I ask because so much has suddenly changed in my life, I wonder how others have handled change, how people cope, carry forward, barrel through with their lives. I wonder –

What’s the hardest decision you’ve made thus far?

Because I want this to be participatory. Because I think these things are important. Because I like you, & I want to know.

Tell me about your last best kiss.

(&&it can be secret, if you want)