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Things which are awesome about lefthandedness:

– Reason to use phrases “cack handed”, “buck fisted”, “dollypaw” & “squiffy”

– Have your own special day (August 13th)

– Can play like Jimi Hendrix (maybe)

– Have very serious articles written about you in Popular Science

Do silly things like writing your name with your right hand for a goofy blog





So, the next generation of young women are currently flocking to see a female lead staring in a movie by a female director based on a bestselling book by a female author, and in this movie the main character wants to become completely submissive and self-sacrificing for a male.


I love you. Put a baby in me.

Possibly the funniest thing I have ever read.


Mrs. O – a blog dedicated to following the fashion stylings of Michelle Obama.  (thanks, Not Martha!)

Doctors. Singing. About hemorrhoids.


Would you believe that these women –

– are all the same 20 year old model? Vogue Paris recently portrayed Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik in various ages, realized only via makeup & camera trickery (that is to say, no digital touch ups).

You can read more about it at Gems Sty.

(& I so very much hope that, even at 60, I’ll still be 20 underneath it all.)